Personalize Newborn Bowl with Child Name Date Weight Time Keepsake

  • New Parents Gift 'Day You Were Born' handmade ceramic tray for mom dad or grandparents is a custom heirloom gift that includes baby's name, birth date, time of birth, weight & length. This large 5" plate will sure to be treasured by the new parents and a future keepsake for the child. Each dish is hand-formed and custom glazed with a soft white gloss finish. Select your favorite accent color for the rim edge: gold, rose gold or silver. This round personalized tray makes a perfectly unique keepsake gift, sure to be cherished by the gift recipients.

    Clear Matte Glaze - final color is warm white, satin to touch, no shine
    Soft White Gloss - final dish color is creamy white, shine

    Timing: Allow between 2-3 weeks for your dish to be made. Ships in 2-3 weeks from purchase. An email alert with the shipping tracking number will be sent to you when it is ready to ship.

  • Please enter the following for your dish: Name, Birth date (as numbers), Time, Weight, Length. Computers are not used making your dish. Each dish is created entirely by hand. Minor variations occur are part of the charm of hand-crafting. Each letter is individually positioned in the clay by hand, so minor variations must be expected.
  • 2-3 Weeks: The process to create takes about 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase. Most orders ship out 3 weeks from your purchase date. Handmade ceramic artistry takes time. Each dish is hand-formed from earthenware clay, then air-dried. The dish goes into the kiln for a 2,000 degree firing. Once cooled down, glaze is applied to the dish. Most dishes return to the kiln for a second firing. Then the metallic color is applied by hand, if ordered.