Personalize Siblings Plate Child Handprint Impression + Names Legacy Dish

  • Custom pottery kids platter handmade ceramics siblings or twins impression plate created with your 2 children's handprints or footprints stamped in clay - a unique heirloom memorial for twins! Your personalized dish also includes 2 names & birth date or year.

    Each original family legacy dish is a special mom dad memento or grandparents gifts - a keepsake treasured for years to come. Made to order, each custom pottery memento tray is original, artisan handmade. 

    Two Dish Sizes: 9 x 13" or 11 x 16"
    (The 9x13" dish is shown in sample photos)

    Year 0 - 1 yr:
    The 9 x 13" dish is shown with children imprints under 1 yrs old.
    Year 1 - 4 yr: The 11 x 16" dish is better suited for larger hands / feet of older kids 1 yrs - 4 yrs old.

    Impression Kit:
    Everything you need for creating your child's handprint and/or footprint will be sent to you. (for children 0-2yrs). Please let us know the age of the children at the time of purchase so the appropriate kit is sent to you.

    You will return the impression/s to us and we will do the rest to make your custom plate!

    One Shipping Fee: All inclusive at the time of purchase. No other shipping fee required.
    The shipping price includes
    1. sending the kit to you plus
    2. the shipping of the final finished product.
    (USPS tracking numbers for GPS geo location status will be included)

    - This dish is 100% handmade.
    - Your impression kit will arrive in 3-8 days.
    - After you return the handprint to us, allow up to 3-6 weeks for your dish to be created.
    Allow 3-6 weeks *after* we receive your handprint impression/s for your personalized dish to be created.
    - Rush orders are not possible. If you have the time, we can make your custom dish!

    Personalized: Your dish includes your custom hand print and personalization.

    Soft White Gloss Glaze - Final dish color is creamy white, no shine

    Ceramic Art: Display as an heirloom artistic centerpiece, as table decor, or on an easel or in a china cabinet. No matter the use, this beautiful personalized serving dish will always have a place in your home!

    100% Handmade, sizes are approximate due to hand-trimming of the clay. Your dish may be 1/2” smaller or larger. Your ceramic dish is completely handmade: formed by hand, personalized by hand, kiln fired, hand glazed and then kiln fired again. There is an area on the bottom of each dish that is not glazed. This keeps the dish from sticking to the kiln shelf during the glaze firing and ruining both the dish and the kiln. Computers are not used making your dish. Each dish is created entirely by hand. Variations that occur in the lettering and hand-trimming are part of the charm of hand-crafting. Each 3d letter and number is individually positioned in the clay by hand, variations must be expected. The lettering will not be perfectly spaced. Although perfection is the goal, this will be a handmade dish and look handmade. Your dish will not look like it was mass produced in a factory, but be beautifully unique.

  • Please enter your 2 first names and date as numbers. Each dish is created entirely by hand. Minor variations that occur are part of the charm of hand-crafting. Each letter is individually positioned in the clay by hand, so minor variations must be expected.
  • 4-6 Weeks: The process to create takes about 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase. Most orders ship out 4-6 weeks from your purchase date. An email alert with your shipping tracking number will be sent to you when the order ships. Rush orders are not available for this dish.