Couples Name Letters Wedding Ring Tray Unique Square Dish

  • Rustic Green wedding engagement ring holder couples gift for married or engaged couple is a beautiful spot for the new ring, trinkets & keepsakes. Custom created with your unique personalization, this gold rim square ring dish includes 2 monogram initial letters and custom date.

    Finished with with a rustic jade green glaze, this ceramic engagement ring plate is beautifully unique - the green jade glaze turns golden brown over ridges & rim - no 2 are alike! Some dishes will appear more solid green & others will have a marbled effect.

    This custom ceramic dish is approx 4” square - great for remembering your loved one and holding special treasures.  This curvy ceramic dish will keep your rings and jewelry safely by the sink, at a desk or bedside table. Your loved ones will enjoy this quality handmade gift for years to come.
  • Please enter your 2 monogram letters & date as numbers. Computers are not used making your dish. Each dish is created entirely by hand. Minor variations that occur are part of the charm of hand-crafting. Each letter is individually positioned in the clay by hand, so minor variations must be expected.
  • The process to create takes about 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase. Most orders ship out 2-3 weeks from your purchase date. Handmade ceramic artistry takes time. Each dish is hand-formed from earthenware clay, then air-dried. The dish goes into the kiln for a 2,000 degree firing. Once cooled down, glaze is applied to the dish. Most dishes return to the kiln for a second firing. Then the metallic color is applied by hand, if ordered.